Corporate & Large Events

It’s amazing how a SMALL THANK YOU to your employees or a FUN FILLED FAMILY EVENT, can bring people together to CONNECT and grow closer. Time to Spare Entertainment looks forward to hosting many parties throughout the year.

Time to Spare Entertainment can help you take care of all the planning. Plus you’ll have access to our special party bowling games. These games have been designed for groups looking to have a great time even if you don’t have a lot of bowlers. As long as you can have FUN, these games are for you!

Time to Spare Entertainment can provide the perfect party for adults only, but we can also provide a great party that your group would love to invite their families to. You will see PLENTY OF SMILES and it’s hard to miss the SOUNDS OF LAUGHTER above the balls rolling and pins crashing. Book now, view package details or fill out an inquiry request to get more information below.

Ready to Plan Your Event?